Which approach is best?

Psychotherapy is deemed clinically appropriate for client's presenting with long-term, chronic unresolved issues such as trauma, depression, stress and childhood or abuse-related problems.

Counselling is more suitable for particular life events such as divorce, separation, bullying, bereavement, and redundancy.

Whichever route is taken, treatments will require patients’ commitment, whatever the approach, to ensure long-term benefit.

An holistic approach is taken - put simply, everything is relevant. We look at all the factors that are a background or an influencer upon your current situation. For treatments to work best, we encourage honesty so that the therapist has the most accurate information possible to work with and therefore best chance of effecting a cure. The aim is to effect a long-term emotional change, not merely to treat symptoms in the short term.

Confidentiality is paramount.

What can be treated?